Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Easter Ideas and Over-Indulgence

With the Easter break just days away here are some simple ideas for making sure your Easter is calm, and that the children don't overindulge or go too crazy with all the chocolate.

We've had two experiences in previous Easter periods that may be helpful idea generators for you in your family.

Experience One

We are involved with our local competitive cycling club. Following a recent championship to finish our racing season there was a small Easter egg hunt for the kids. The children went beserk looking for chocolate. There was a large number of children of ages from around 3 to 16. At the completion of the hunt the children began to compare how many chocolates they'd found. As might be expected, the older children had found many more eggs than the younger children.

Spontaneously, and without any adult intervention, I watched several of the older children suggest that now that all the eggs were found they should be pooled and redistributed fairly. Without any complaining all of the children agreed. Older children gave up their eggs for younger children and everyone felt fairly dealt with. It was a great experience to see children develop a solution on their own.

Experience Two

The Easter bunny also arranged for an Easter egg hunt at our home Sunday morning. To help the children, the Easter bunny hid eggs of different colours. Each child was to find a particular coloured egg, rather than racing to find as many eggs as possible. This fostered a spirit of cooperation and sense of fairness for the children. They took delight in finding their own eggs and helping their siblings find their eggs too.
Another idea from a regular Happy Families reader is to provide written/drawn clues that the kids have to follow until they find the "stash". The stash contains a bag of goodies for each child.
What ideas do you have that work well at Easter?


BeeAre said...

Hi Justin
One fun tradition our family has is to go to the shops early on Easter Monday and give each family member a set amount of $ and challenge them to see how much half price chocolate they can get for their alloted amount.
It's great fun!

Justin Coulson said...

Sounds like fun Bruce... but of course there's the whole 'over-indulgence' thing. It's probably a good thing that Easter only comes around once a year!