Monday, 28 February 2011

Is playing with kids hard work?

I was disappointed to read a recent article by a woman who is well-known and influential in the world of mums and parenting. Mia Freedman is often insightful, regularly fun, and runs an established blog about being a mum.

In the article in question, Mia had me agreeing with her at several points, yet not feeling quite right about it. In Mia's defence, she readily acknowledges that she loves spending time with her kids... it's just the playing with them that seems such hard work.

So is this fair enough? Well, everyone's entitled to their own opinion. But what's best for families, and for the kids?

Thursday, 10 February 2011

Bullying - New Study and Tips to Help Kids Through it.

More than two thirds of girls under the age of 10 are bullied, according to a study recently completed by the Girl Guides association of Australia.

Here is a frightening audio example of just how serious it can get.

According to a report in the SMH "68 per cent aged between five and nine reporting that that they had been bullied, many of them online. One fifth of those aged 10 to 14 had also experienced bullying and some 65 per cent said that reports in the media made them worry for their own safety."