Friday, 6 January 2012

Family Fitness - A Resolution that Might Just Work

On New Years Eve I had a conversation with a mum (we'll call her Maggie) about her health and fitness goal for 2012. Maggie said to me,
"I've tried to eat better, exercise more, and lose weight every year for a decade, but I just can't make it stick. I value my health, and I want to get it right. Why won't it work?"
My response was this:

"You don't really value your health.

"Or if you do, you value something else more.

"Perhaps you value sleeping in rather than getting up early to exercise. You value eating sweets more than abstaining, or eating fruit. You value overindulging in alcohol, rather than drinking more water.

"You can't complain about not getting what you say you want, and what you say you value. Your values are shown by your actions."

If we really value something, we make it at the top of our priority list. Whatever our goals are, they won't be achieved unless we focus on them - value them - above anything that would detract from them.

So if you've set some family fitness goals (or even personal fitness goals) for 2012, here are some ways to make it stick. Of course, as soon as you tell the kids it's time for some exercise, they groan. They don't want to turn off the tv or internet, the x-box, the i-pad, the DS, or whatever brainsucker they're feeding from. So they need to be engaged.